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Yearwood is a powerhouse speaker, author, and life coach from New York City. Over the last 20 years using creativity as an anchor in filling voids in the community in an effort to build genuine relationships amongst the identities she occupies. Black, Latinx, Artist, Queer, and a Former Foster Child.  Some of the expressions of this are This Girls Lunchbox the queer femme space she created and co-produced, The Tranz Form docuseries on Trans People of Color where she is the creator and executive producer (now on AppleTV & OUTTv), her book's How The Hell Did You Do That?! program for people with foster care and trauma in their background, motivational speaking, and creative consulting. 





Octavia Yearwood is an artist, programmatic curator, and author. Yearwood creates and hosts programs for arts institutions, organizations, and companies nationally. In 2016 Yearwood was named Emerging Arts leader by Americans for the Arts and top 40 black leaders by Legacy Magazine. Over the last 15 years, aside from being an arts educator, Yearwood was the Director of Spinello Projects FREE! noncommercial Art Fair for Art Basel named the best author in Miami and the most interesting person by the Miami New Times in 2018. In 2019 Yearwood was brought on by the City of Miami Beach to curate all the arts & culture activations for Memorial Day Weekend, and award an Ellie by oolite Arts. They continue to focus on diversifying creative space by transforming creative spaces and sits on the Board for the Baller Alert Foundation, and the Advisory Board of Power U. Yearwood has written for publications such as Blavity's 21 Ninety, XoNicole, Permission to Write and Bustle.


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The Tranz Form Docuseries Press:

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Available on AppleTV


Press Release:  Diamond Minds Presents: Art In The Gardens


NPR Coverage: Working with the youth of  South Florida CARES 


American Express Awardee: For Americans For The Arts


Miami New Times: Highlight and interview of Annual Art Exhibition curated and organized by Octavia Yearwood.


Creative Mornings:  Guest speaker on January 20th, 2017. 

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Project Glimmer: Guest Panelist for #ShareYourGlimmer Campaign June 20th, 2017. Fashion Week Daily| Cultural Omnivore

Black Professionals Summit: Panelist on Travel


40 Under 40 Black Leaders: Legacy Magazine &

Miami Herald

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