2 For 1 Sale from The New O Publishing House!

Award winning author and publisher, Octavia Yearwood and Author, Mother and Designer Tara Benmeleh give an offering of both their books in this wild sale!


Benmeleh's, "Gracias Madre" is a beautifully designed children's book, with paintings from Artist Tierra Armstrong, that teach our little ones (in English and Spanish) about appreciating the earth, animals, and family with the representation of different ethnicities.


Yearwood was awarded "Best Author in Miami" for her debut book,"how The Hell DID You Do That?!" HTHDYDT is a self-empowerment guidebook, workbook, and memoir written to teach people the power of transforming negative childhood experieces into BIG LIFE WINS. The 9 chapter book supports everything from using the arts for healing to becoming a rebel with a cause! 

Gracias Madre/How The Hell DID You DO That?! E-books