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Stripped: Get New, Get Free.

It's been 5 months since I released "How The Hell Did You Do That?!" and like anything new you create, it's been a beautiful journey! I've been really reflective, about the heaviness of the world like in the last post, but also on how amazing it's been to impact peoples lives through a new medium. A medium, that quite frankly, I did not spend years in an institution to get good at! Actually, I don't even know if I'm "good at it." I know that I'm honest and I do it, not sure I need much more than that! The bumps and lessons have been great but what's really got me going is giving the finger to what the people in the world say is the "right" way to do something. If I subscribed to that I'd be in NYC teaching kids to dance (or not) and pretty standard. I'd just "stay in my lane" and not think about creating my own...

But did I drain myself out into this book? What else do I have to say? Is being honest, open and vulnerable a thing of the past? How far can you go with being unapologetic, before you have to apologize? Is the cost of being great too heavy? Is this why so many choose the norm? Why does writing feel so different than talking?

HOW DO WE MAKE AN IMPACT?! How did this world get like this? Why is it that every time I try to think about making it better I feel caught up being sad about its state of being? Where are we going? What place does our youth have in this? How can I be a better leader?

Question after question, all answers just points back to self.

See, you can be great in any space you dwell. In every hood, there are people looking to and admiring someone doing something. In every shelter there's someone who is making people feel great. In jail, there is someone living above the standard and someone looking at them wishing they could be them. There is a common denominator- It's believing you deserve more than you have and that you can do more than you've been.


Imma step this back a second, because I really just want to talk about stripping yourself of the norms, getting free from that and really manifesting some newness. Newness in yourself, your world and in the lives of others. But does that even matter when you got all these questions???

Where is GOD, YO!?

Everywhere and within I'm sure, but I want those hands laid. I want that superpower. I want the rapture to pull all those who aren't about this living, loving, and being great life - The fack up out of here!

I want us stripped to our truest selves.

I want that to be our new.

I want us to know, feel, and move freely.

I want for you to see you when you see me.

This is and will remain a space for connective shares. A place where we can bond. I will write how I speak. Since I don't speak using characters, I will overuse commas, semicolons, and perhaps everything else that constitutes "bad grammar" I am great and you are great, and that's why we are here right now.

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