6 Fye Quotes By People Just Like YOU!

Yea... Momma Teresa and Rumi and other profound folks have said some pretty dope things that have inspired us, but how often do we take note of the inspiring ish someone in your real life actually says?! How often do we actually listen to each other and allow each other to shine a light on our darkness?

I have this habitual habit of always having "deep" moments and conversations with my friends and even folks I just meet. While we have all the time we have, my obnoxious a** loves to extract as much as I can from all experiences. I'm obsessed with learning and sharing. I live for those moments where someone says something and it opens up all of your eyes and initiates an act of your souls' remembrance!

In my book, "How The Hell Did You Do That?!" I quote my students, folks in my world and even Instagram meme's, but the more conversations I have the harder it gets to just sit on these jewels!

1. "Most of the time, people will open the door for you once you've already climbed through the window." - Lameen Witter 30something

2. "Service is the rent we pay for the space we take up on this earth."- Keon Williams 33

3. "Why do things the way sheep do when you're a fucking lion?!" -Roddrick West 26

4. "The knives are long. People like it more when you are working towards something, not when you have it." Ross Price 23

5. "The amazing thing that happened was you." - Najja Moon 32

6. "Stay positive, let the rest of the world focus on the bad stuff." - Ross Price 23

This is and will remain a space for connective shares. A place where we can bond. I will write how I speak. Since I don't speak using characters, I will overuse commas, semicolons, and perhaps everything else that constitutes "bad grammar" I am great and you are great, and that's why we are here right now.

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